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Format types:

Sachet format

Sachet is a wet wipe in individual packaging with corporate design and company logo. This format is widely applicable in various fields: medicine, transport, aviation, restaurant and hotel business, cinemas, hygiene and cosmetics, souvenir products. Several sachets can be packaged in small box with your logo.

MINI format

Convenient format for women handbag and men wallet. 10, 12 or 15 sheets per pack.

Pocket format

Optimal format for clothing pockets. 10, 12 or 15 sheets per pack. This format can be made with euro perforation. A wide range of applications in the production of baby, cosmetic, household, veterinary wet wipes.

MAXI Pocket format

15 or 20 sheets per pack. This format can be made with euro perforation. It has a wide range of applications, ideal for wet toilet paper production.

"Big Pack"format

20, 24, 30 or 40 sheets per pack. This format can be made with euro perforation. It is optimal for the production of auto, household, baby, veterinary, office wet wipes.

"Big Pack Home"format

50, 60, 72, 75 or 80 sheets per pack. This format can be made with euro perforation. It has a wide range of applications in child care, veterinary medicine, medicine, home and office care.

If you have decided on the application of wet wipes and packaging formats, you can proceed to the material choosing.

Material types:

Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers mainly use the “Spunlace”nonwoven fabric in the production of wet wipes.

Our company is currently engaged in contract manufacturing, ordering spunlace with a density of 40.50 g / m2 in the «Premium», category and a density of 30.35 g / m2 in the «Economy»category. We use both white and color (green, pink, yellow) spanlace. It is also possible to use material embossed with various patterns.

Besides that, we use the “Termolace” material with a density of 37 g / sq.m. Application spheres: hygiene, cosmetics, household.

Also it is possible to use the “Termobond” material with a density of 20 g / sq.m. «Economy» segment. Application spheres: auto and household wet wipes.

On top of it, crepe paper can be used in the manufacture of wet wipes from the Sachet format to various other formats. Application spheres: wet toilet paper, wipes for glass surfaces.

Wet wipes impregnant selection

After choosing the format of napkins and material, we proceed to the stage of choosing the wipes impregnant, which completely determines the application sphere of the final product.

We select the optimal impregnating compositions for the customer, designed for various types of wet wipes.

Wet wipes packaging material selection

A multilayer film with the following characteristics is used for packaging products:

• Two-layer film - polyester, polyethylene, 82 microns thick;
• Three-layer films - polypropylene, polyethylene, 80, 90 microns thick;
• Three-layer films - lavsan, polypropylene, polyethylene, 82 microns thick and etc.

Package design

The next stage is the wipes packaging design development, which is divided into a flap (sticker) design and a film design. The design with a transparent sticker bears mentioning, as the image is applied only to the packaging.

Size of print run and time of manufacture

The minimum run when placing the design on the packaging film is about 70 000–100 000 pieces, depending on the package size. The time of manufacture for the first batch of wipes with an individual film design is — 45 calendar days from the date of design approval and start of printing. In the time following, production is carried out in accordance with the schedule approved by the customer.

If you need a smaller print run, it is possible to produce wet wipes using white film placing all necessary information on the color flap. In this case, the production volume starts from 10 000 wet wipes for each product type. You can write to us for more information, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.