«Vestar»company has been manufacturing wet wipes since 2005. The company has been developing steadily and rapidly thanks to a competent policy in introducing high-performance, modern equipment using innovative technologies, attracting competent specialists in all organization units.

Today, the company produces a wide range of formats from sachets to bigsize. Fitted with high-performance equipment, it provides the end consumer with high quality products and solid supply. Every day we are busy improving technological base, constantly study the market needs, monitor the latest trends in the production of hygiene products, as a result of which we continuously refine our products and develop new highly-demanded types.

«Vestar» manufactures and supplies a wide range of wet wipes to the Russian and foreign markets:

— cosmetic,
— hygienic,
— intimate hygiene,
— baby,
— wet toilet paper,
— household,
— auto
— and wet wipes of sachet format for restaurant, hotel, aviation fields.

Continuous control of raw materials, materials, all technological production stages and finished products provides top quality goods.

The company respects the principles of fair competition and fair partnership and is constantly striving to be even better, as the most stringent quality standards require.

Since 2013, «Vestar» has began the production of liquid cosmetics and household chemicals using the latest foreign equipment.

Presently, Westar is one of the leading companies in the wet wipes market.

Our advantages include:

— multiple-stage approach to water treatment;
— production of impregnations using plants and natural raw materials;
— purchase of raw materials and components from leading Russian and foreign companies;
— high quality products and innovations;
— modern equipment;
— close-knit team of professionals.